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Its been a little while since I’ve been here. Work has been a bit like work lately, and summer in the desert has been brutally hot the last several weeks. So, I’ve been just trudging through life. One of the things about traveling for work and adventure is that, at the end of the day, there is work to be done. A lot of strings you will read only talk about the… Read More

After wandering around Bahrain last weekend, I decided that I probably should get out and about here as well. There has been some stuff I have been wanting to accomplish, which normally gets back-burnered when having one day off a week. Thanks to the holiday, I have two days off this week. It seemed a good an opportunity as any to get out and do stuff. After checking the internet, I determined… Read More

Woke up this morning and wasn’t completely sure what to do with my day. The only concrete fact, I needed to be at the airport for a 1725 flight. So, I thought for a while. What to do. What to do. The Coffee Museum was closed on Friday, so that seemed like the place to start. I packed up the bag. Checked the room three times to make sure I had every… Read More