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There is an ever-growing disconnect between what guide books and travel companies are selling and what tourists end up buying. The hardships and harsh realities of our world effect everything, including the wonders of the world at large. Overpopulation and over-tourism have had impacts (both good and bad) on many cultural areas in the world. The pressure to keep a tourist attractions pristine versus the pressure of the outside world pushing in… Read More

When do you travel? It’s a question I never really put much thought into. Well, not until recently. I know that most people of adult age have restrictions on their life. They have kids in school or vacation restrictions placed upon them at work. If they are traveling utilizing points from credit cards or other promotional accounts, well then, there are definitely blackout dates to be contended with. These situations and others… Read More

Now that I’ve brought everybody down with the actual price of travelling Europe as an adult, let’s take another look at the actual travelling expense. There are ways to minimize what you pay while abroad. My favorite cost saving idea is timing. I travel off-peak whenever possible. Travelling outside of the natural high-travel period, or off-peak, is a blessing in many regards. First, if you aren’t too far outside the normal travel… Read More