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When I was making plans for the European summer experience, the second place I wrote down was The Matterhorn. I blame this on growing up with Bugs Bunny. It wasn’t until I started looking at how to get there that I came to learn about the town of Zermatt. A small little mountain town dedicated to the mountain lifestyle, conveniently situated at the foot of the mountain. It seemed the right spot… Read More

Back on the road again. Today was another one of those Point A to Point B travel days.  I left Bethesda heading north, opposite the flow of the morning rush hour, and made my way up to NY.  The run through all the historic places along route 15 in Maryland and Pensylania made me want to stop several times. The signs for Gettysburg also had me. But, I persevered.  For the most… Read More

Today started with procrastination. I mild desire to stay in bed saw me out the door an hour later than planned. And, on the road a half-hour later than planned. Once again, the day started at the Waffle House. Bacon, eggs, and coffee was followed by a trip to the gas station. Sadly, the gas station was over capacity, so I moved on down the road.  At the north end of Anniston,… Read More