Updates from the road.

Hi everybody! sorry it’s been a while. I’ll use the same excuse that everybody else has been using…COVID delays. It’s true that COVID had me down for a while, but the truth is that I’ve been travelling to places that frankly aren’t that interesting. It was work, don’t hold it against me.

However, in the midst of my travels I’ve decided to build a new website. I was using a platform for the travel blog and a different platform for the novels that I write. I have been working on a single point for all of my writing and think it’s finally about ready to be used.

www.aaronbrownellstories.com, hosted by WordPress (no affiliation intended), will be the new home for the istray blog. All of the content has been migrated over, so if you are looking for a specific blog post they all still exist. I am going to leave this platform up for now, so that anyone looking for my content can find it, but new posts will be made on the new site.

Hope everyone is safe and well. Whenever you can, get back out there and keep exploring this great big world of ours!


2 Comments on “Updates from the road.

  1. Hey Browny where’d ya go, don’t see you on our page D-11 page no more.?


    • Broz!
      Sorry I jumped ship from FB. It’s way too depressing these days. I’m on Instagram and here on the blog.
      Hope all is well, old friend!


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