Sick … sucks.

I’m actually at the point where I’m just starting to feel better. Made it to the gym for the first time in a week. For the last week I’ve been sick. Nothing traumatic, just your standard head/chest cold. But, let me assure you that, when in the desert, being sick sucks.

Like any good red blooded American, when sick I turn to the drug isle for remedy. Its the quickest and best way to kill off what’s killing you. Well, in most setting it is. In the desert, I’m not so sure.

Next time you’re in an arid climate consider this, pretty much everything you can grab at your local shop, in some fashion, seems to be a diuretic. What the fancy language means when it says it dries out your sinus’ means it dehydrated you doing it. If you don’t believe me, try it. When you wake up so dry that your lips crack, you’ll rethink it.

In the desert, dehydration is bad. So, you drink lots of water to compensate. Then, you take cold medications. Then, you drink lots of water to rehydrate. But, you never really seem to compensate. It is kinda sucky.

It makes me consider if it wasn’t the desert people that started the idea of alternate medicines or natural remedies? Maybe they came up with a plan after too much dehydration? I don’t know, but it sounds legit to me.

For my next round of sickness, I think I’m trying something a little more natural. Maybe. Maybe, I’ll just drink more water?

This is not a life lesson, just a general observation. You never know what new thing you’re going to learn. That is why you travel.

So get out there. Learn new things. Just, try to do it healthy. Hahahaha

The desert. Last week. Yup, dry as a bone!

Great, there’s a sand storm.

So, last week it was kind of dusty out. I don’t think you could call it a sandstorm. It was more like sand blowing around in the air to the point of annoyance.

You hear these stories of sandstorms all the time. A Great Wall of dust that was lifted off the earth and flung at you for days on end. It darkens the sky and infuriates even the nicest of men and beasts alike. Ya, this wasn’t that. I have to admit that when I came back to the Middle East getting that iconic wall of sand photo was high on my agenda. Now, while still on my list of stuff, it has slipped down the ladder.

My time in Turkey was beautiful weather and no sandstorms. Egypt was the same way. I have good sand dune pictures, but no sandstorm picture. I know, be careful what you ask for, it could be awful. Could be …..

My only sandstorm experience so far was more like; “hey guys it’s pretty crappy outside. The sand stings my eyes.”

“Oh ya, we noticed that too.”

It was just a dull brown from one horizon to another. And, safety glasses really didn’t help completely. It was a little surreal.

I guess I can say I that, at some point, I’m gonna get a real sandstorm and maybe the iconic photo. Until then, sand blowing around in the wind will have to do.

That’s that. I’m still chasing the sandstorm. That, and a thousand other experiences. What are you chasing?

Get out there! Go after it!

A picture from the daily commute. 😎